one of my favorite poems by KERRY KACK

APIARIST, a poem by Kerry.


When a bee first learns of God
he begins to fly

He gathers pollen
As though being

The Queen no longer matters
like she used to.
The flowers change their hues too.

His stinger? Pointless.

When a bee first learns of God
He begins to change
his tone.

He’s a different animal altogether-
another letter of the alphabet.

He is no longer
a bee.

Kerry Kack, Nov. 20th, 2002

Kerry’s Obituary in the Bay Area Reporter

Kerry’s Obituary in the Bay Area Reporter

Another obituary that Kerry’s friends published (Kerry’s obituary in the Bay Area Reporter).

Here is what was published:

Kerry in a red shirt, smilingKerry Kack passed away unexpectedly on September 13, 2005. He was a teacher, an artist, a brother, a son, an uncle, and a beloved friend to many.

Kerry grew up in Minnesota, taught English in Tokyo for three years, and settled in San Francisco. He taught English as a second language here for the past 11 years.

Kerry was known for his keen wit and charm, his sense of fashion, but most of all for his gentle nature. He was a very talented artist who saw beauty in every day, and his love for words left lasting memories of conversations past.

He defined kindness and put loved ones before him… every time. He treated his friends and family with care, respect, and compassion. Though he’d never acknowledge it, he truly touched people’s lives, and left the world a better place.

“The song is ended, but the melody lingers on…” — Irving Berlin

Kerry’s Minnesota Obituary

I have to say that no matter how many times I write this or tell people, I still just cannot believe that I am typing the words Kerry’s obituary. I still feel as if Kerry is watching me, and I’m mindful to do what I think he would approve of.

I have found another obituary of Kerry:

Kerry, smiling (as always!) in blue.

Kerry Joseph Kack

Kerry Joseph Kack, age 38, of San Francisco, Calif., formerly of St. Leo, passed away unexpectedly due to heart failure on Sept. 13, 2005 in San Francisco.

Funeral Services will be Wednesday, Sept. 21, at 10:30 a.m. at the St. Leo Catholic Church in St. Leo with Father Tony Hesse officiating. Continue reading “Kerry’s Minnesota Obituary”

I miss Kerry

Hi, I’m Vanessa. I met Kerry in the beginning of my eighth grade year. He was my testmagic English teacher, and he practically lived through my eighth grade year with me. Every week I told him what i was up to, and he told me a little about himself. The hour that we shared each week was sometimes the highlight of my week. Kerry easily made me laugh, and his complete attention on me when we talked made me feel whole and complete. It might sound like a cliche, but Kerry was really there for me. I remember when i was stressing over a research paper i had to write, Kerry gave me hints and tips on how to start one, and how to go about writing one. He even edited the product, and asked for a final paper once i was all done. I am so glad i shared part of my life with Kerry. He wasn’t caring and extremely supportive only during class, but whenever i stopped by testMagic, whether it was dropping off my younger brother, or delivering a check. I miss Kerry and was in a state of shock when i heard of his death. He was like a big brother to me, and I will never forget him. He has made a big impact on me.

Kerry’s Obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle

Kerry’s obituary ran today in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Kerry’s obituary ran today in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Here is the text of the obituary:

KACK, Kerry – Passed away unexpectedly on September 13, 2005. He lived in SF for the past 11 years and worked primarily as a teacher of English as a second language. He was also an artist, a brother, a son, an uncle and a beloved friend of many. His kind nature and keen humor will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Memorial for Kerry

Kerry’s memorial in San Francisco, for those who could not attend his funeral.

We are inviting all who wish to remember Kerry to join us at 11:00 AM on Sunday, October 16th for Kerry’s Memorial.

Please read the following for details.

Update: We are gathering together at 11:00 AM on Sunday, October 16th for Kerry’s Memorial.

The Service

We will meet in the parking lot of the South end of Baker Beach. There is a small slope that leads from the parking lot to the beach where we will hold the service.

At the end of this message, you can see a map and a picture of Baker Beach that should help you locate us. Continue reading “Memorial for Kerry”