Kerry, my brother, my friend.

I am Kerry’s oldest sister, Peggy.

I was very touched by the comments posted.

When I look in the sky and see the big white puffy clouds I think of Kerry. He loved to look at the cloud formations and often pointed them out. He saw beauty in everything. He loved the ocean, when I asked him what words he would use to describe it, the thing that comes to mind is “forever changing” like our lives are forever changing.

He loved to laugh, the laugh you have with friends when you are laughing so hard that tears come to your eyes, your stomach hurts, you try to talk and you squeak but yet you still laugh and it hurts so good. The best medicine in the whole world. I will really miss those laughs. We had many.

I felt warmth in his presense, joy in his smile, he touched the hearts of many and he touched my heart deeply.

He was loved and he will be forever missed.

Thank you keep the site going.

3 thoughts on “Kerry, my brother, my friend.”

  1. Peggy, it’s so nice to have a member of Kerry’s family here. We all still miss Kerry very much, and everybody I’ve talked to has said the same thing–I can’t believe he’s gone. In a very real way, Kerry is still with us and still touches our lives in very special ways.

    I’m sorry for your loss, Peggy; I know that you and Kerry were very close, and he spoke highly of you. 🙂

  2. peggy, i met you during your visit to sf. it was such a strong memory for me because of the great evening we all shared. kerry spoke of how much he enjoyed bringing you to the beach and watching you reach the water. kerry also shared allot of the joy he experienced spending time with you and your family during his summer visits. i am blessed to have had him in my life and will keep him forever close to my heart. take care,erickson

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