Kerry’s flair

What I miss the most…

I miss coming to work every day to see Kerry, with his characteristic style, flair, and charm, already there working. Kerry always greeted me with a warm hello and flashed a sometimes-boyish smile. I remember Kerry as the tall, thin, handsome man dressed stylishly, moving gracefully from one part of the office to another. Kerry was a vibrant person who added a sense of sophistication to wherever he visited. Our workplace somehow seemed warmer and simply more fun when Kerry was around.

2 thoughts on “Kerry’s flair”

  1. The times that I spent with Kerry were always full of laughter. Kerry really made me laugh. When I first met Kerry he was very sad because he had just lost his mother. He had been living in Japan for awhile and then decided to come to San Francisco. We worked together for about 4years and I got to know him better. He was a very kind and gentle person. In that time I don’t remember him ever saying anything bad about anyone and he always had a great deal of dignity about him. Kerry was truly one of a kind.

  2. I met kerry in 2003 he wrote this poem for me about how he felt about our meeting…

    MEETING 4.26.03

    apart in you
    slept for a thousand years.
    in truth,
    ’twas the lost part of me.

    that part reawoke
    on the day we met,
    to awaken the you part in me.

    This is an example of why I miss him so much. I am blessed to have him in my life, forever.

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