one of my favorite poems by KERRY KACK

APIARIST, a poem by Kerry.


When a bee first learns of God
he begins to fly

He gathers pollen
As though being

The Queen no longer matters
like she used to.
The flowers change their hues too.

His stinger? Pointless.

When a bee first learns of God
He begins to change
his tone.

He’s a different animal altogether-
another letter of the alphabet.

He is no longer
a bee.

Kerry Kack, Nov. 20th, 2002

2 thoughts on “one of my favorite poems by KERRY KACK”

  1. I only knew Kerry briefly. I was struck with how he looked at the world, his ability to observe the beauty around us that so many of us don’t notice. I regret that I didn’t make the effort to get to know him better. Kerry had a gift of showing you how to look at life differently. I’m stunned he’s not with us any more. His gift to me is to teach me to live now. Thanks Kerry.

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